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WP_20141202_010The month of April is a time to stabilize ourselves for the journey ahead. The number 4 represents issues of process, structure and order. Our ability to trim and set our sails now will greatly determine what we are able to hold on to as the year progresses. You can catch a big fish, but can you keep it in the basket?

Power Issues and Communication

The overall number for 2015 is an 8 (2+0+1+5 = 8), and 8 is the power number.

Many people are experiencing power struggles in work, personal relationships, and even within themselves. The power to change a bad habit, the power to speak up against an injustice in the work arena, and the power to say to someone, “You can’t keep treating me like this and expect me to still love you.”

In the month of April we must find the words, the right words, so that our communication is effective and precise. Number 4 represents words, 5 is communication, 6 is the projective psyche, and 7 is the voice. Number 8 is the prana, or vitality behind the communication, and 9 is either the potential subtlety or intensity behind the words. We are all dealing with communication issues at this time, and often it feels as though the other person just doesn’t hear us.

The number 4 embodies the themes of steadiness, compassion and neutrality. Being compassionate does not mean that you let someone walk all over you. Because of the increasing mental instability on the planet, your intuition needs to alert you when it is time to break away from a conversation.

“When the environments let you know that you are no longer sacred there, it is time to go.”

This statement resonates with the numbers 2, 6, and 8, as it recognizes the need for boundaries, self-esteem, and maintaining your energy. April will test us in these areas. There can be the bridging of a gap where there has been a misunderstanding, or a total breakdown of communication that motivate us towards a complete change of plan.

Collaboration and New Beginnings

Many people will have the feeling, “I just don’t want to do this anymore.” As we are moving through this process of clarification, there will be a wave of energy on the planet that is bringing opportunity for new beginnings. These new beginnings will manifest, in part, through collaboration with other like-minded individuals. Through what Yogi Bhajan has called the collective pool of intelligence, there is now a heightened ability to connect with others of a similar mind-set and intention. The Angels are stepping up to the plate for us here, because too many things have been going wrong in the world, and we need to initiate a new momentum for positive change.

As the saying goes, “There is strength and safety in numbers.” The number 12 appears in the Base calculation for this month, and 12 is the number of tribes and collective creativity. Wherever your passion and inspiration flows, try to connect with another or others to create a greater flow. Much of our anger can be alleviated when we begin to feel a renewed sense of purpose in life. An even greater experience of well-being is achieved when that sense of purpose is linked with being effective.

Emotional Equilibrium

We all want to feel effective, and have either power or control. Then again, all that we are truly in control of is our own emotional equilibrium. How to gain this equilibrium? A perfectly lovely meditation for this is theMeditation for the Fourth Chakra.

This meditation uses the mantra Humee Hum Braham Hum, which means “We are we, we are God.” It is very soothing, and is an antidote is self-judgement and being overly critical. How can you feel like you have something of importance to share, if you don’t even like yourself?

The number 4 of April allows for a time of self-transformation through self-love. When we love ourselves, we then generate the right frequency to attract our spiritual help-mates and co-creators.

As 4 is the number of the box, or square, it is also a time to “Think outside the box.” A simple thing you can do, even if you never have before, is plant a garden. Whether you have a yard, or a windowsill flower box, plant a few seeds and water them. Say to yourself as you watch the seeds sprout, “I am moving outside the box.” Or, “I can grow, and my energy can make things grow.”

Along with your yogic practice, something as simple as this can help to create an immediate connection to your power and creativity. Sometimes simple is best. In the words of Yogi Bhajan,

“There is an inner desire in every living being to be comfortable,to be taken care of, to be served. You are grown up, you want Mother Nature to take care of you and Heavenly Father to stand by you, and that’s why you want to be spiritual.”



By Nam Hari Kaur

The Heavens have shifted, and there is now an increased flow of awakening energy beaming down on planet Earth. This new flow of awareness will have dramatic effects at times, and knowing that we live in a world of polarity, the dramatic intensity will run the gamut of positive and negative behavior. However, for the present moment, let’s focus on the positive aspects of the human experience for this year.

A Coalition of Consciousness

There will be an increase of people banding together for a common cause and vision. The intensity of purpose and passion will sometimes create an unlikely bond, as we will find ourselves overlooking our differences in favor of creating a unified spirit moving towards a common goal. We are now all feeling motivated to make things happen.

I can remember as a child watching the protests and marches of African Americans as they were fighting for their civil rights. Many individuals dropped their differences and worked together for the common cause. I have witnessed more recently the momentum in the Gay Rights movement for equality. I have seen mortal enemies call a truce in order to organize carpooling to get everyone out to the voting booths (“Just sit your fine self down in my 65’ Mustang!”).

It is now about creating a coalition of consciousness that will raise the awareness in the collective psyche of the planet to the point where no one is left out or victimized in any way. We will have the opportunity to realize the first Sutra of the Aquarian Age which is, “Recognize the other person is you.”

Self-Love and Manifest Destiny

As we are navigating this bold new landscape, we will soon come upon the realization that our thoughts and actions are having the capacity to manifest more quickly than ever before. This experience can be akin to a kid in a toy store who picks up off the shelf the Quantum Star Phaser, and begins projecting for what he/she would like to have, only to have it almost instantaneously manifest. This could be a little scary, and you definitely want to have your emotional house in order, because who needs 100 pizzas being delivered to your door when you’re not having a block party?

The key to your positive manifestation is, in part, your self-esteem. The Gift number of 2015 is a 6 (last two digits of the year, 1+5=6), and 6 represents love, self-esteem, family, community, protection, and the immune system. How much you love yourself, and are willing to take care of yourself by taking care of your immune system, will greatly determine the quality of what you attract.

In the science of the chakras, number 6 represents the Arc Line and projective psyche. Six as the Gift number for this year means we will now have an enhanced ability to attract, as well as be drawn to, our kindred spirits. As “down in the trenches” as last year was, 2015 brings a new field of dreams into play that can help you find your perfect partner, great house, or school for your child. This connectivity of spirit is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

Of course, let’s not forget the overall number for 2015, which is an 8 (2+0+1+5=8). Number 8 represents issues of power, money, healing, and fearlessness. You want to get your yoga on this year, or your choice of aerobic excellence, as 8 is the Pranic Body which holds our life force vitality.

Evaporation of All Fear

A powerful meditation to practice now is the Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times. This meditation will help you to break free of limiting self-concepts, as well as clear any lingering karma from last year. It’s time for a fresh start, and this meditation can deliver you to your destiny.

As life is a learning and growing experience, we will feel challenged at times to overcome old fears. Number 8 cycles always bring expansion and new opportunity, as well as what is called “auspicious meetings with people.” In the natural flow of 2015 there are people who are important for you to meet and get to know. It may be business, friendship, or a new next door neighbor who brings a fresh breeze of sunshine into your life. Of course, we always need to have our meditative filter on (Arc Line!), so we can determine friend from foe. Remember, no last year re-runs!

The number 8 represents rhythm, and Yogi Bhajan has said, “Anything which isrhythmic is happy.” Catching the wave of our own rhythmic pulse, the synchronization of our breath and balanced brain chemistry is the way to all success and good fortune this year. This heightened awareness evaporates all fear, and naturally leads us on a path that has the sensory experience of an electrical kind of magic, merging our collective vision into manifesting the awaiting higher octaves of the Aquarian Age experience.

“The motivated self in you is nothing but your thought.When thought is added to the sphere of creativity, it becomes experience. Once it is experienced,it becomes reality.” 
–Yogi Bhajan, 9-26-77


En Français pour les francophiles

By Nam Hari Kaur

Il y a eu du mouvement, là haut, et il y a maintenant un flot d’énergie de l’éveil spirituel qui fonce droit sur la terre. Ce flot de conscience aura des effets d’une extraordinaire intensité tantot bons, tantot mauvais. Pour le moment, voyons les aspects positifs de l’expérience humaine de cette année.

A Une coalition de conscience

Il y aura un nombre plus important de personnes qui allient leurs efforts pour une cause ou une vision communes. L’intensité de leurs objects et de leur passion créera parfois des liens inattendus puisque nous serons amenés à dépasser nos différences afin de créer une vision commune pour poursuivre un but commun. Nous nous sentons tous motivés maintenant pour faire que les choses arrivent.

Je me souviens, enfant, d’avoir vu les manifestations d’américains d’origine africaine qui se battaient pour la reconnaissance de leurs droits civiques. Beaucoup de gens faisaient alors fi de leurs différences et travaillaient ensemble pour une cause commune. J’ai vu récemment le mouvement pour la reconnaissance des droits des homosexuels et pour l’égalité. J’ai vu des ennemis mortels demander une trève pour que tout le monde puisse obtenir le droit de vote.

Une coalition spirituelle est sur le point de naitre, qui élevera la conscience de la psyché collective sur la planète au point que personne ne sera victime ou mis de coté de quelque facon que ce soit. Nous aurons l’opportunité de réaliser la première Sutra qui exige que nous reconnaissions que l’autre est nous meme, que l’autre est un autre soi.

Amour de soi et manifestation de sa propre destinée

Tandis que nous voyageons vers ces nouveaux paysages audacieux, nous seront vite amenés à réaliser que nos pensées et actions ont la capacité de manifester leurs effets plus vite que par le passé. Cette expérience sera pour nous comme celle d’un enfant dans un magasin de jouets magique où tout ce qu’il voudrait recevoir lui serait offert. Cela sera un peu inquiétant et il faudra mettre de l’ordre dans vos émotions pour ne pas avoir une livraison de pizzas à votre porte alors que vous n’avez pas prévu de fete entre voisins.

La clé de toute manifestation positive est, en partie, votre estime de vous meme. Le cadeau de é0&5est le 6 et le 6 représente l’amour, l’estime de soi, la famille, la commnauté, la protection et le système immunitaire. Comment vous appréciez vous vous meme, etes vous décidé à prendre soi de vous meme en prenant soin de votre système immunitaire, cela déterminera grandement la qualité de ce que vous attirerez à vous meme.

Dans la science des chakras, le numéro 6 représente la psyché projective. Six veut dire que nous allons connaitre une très forte capacité d’attirer à nous, de meme que d’etre attiré par, nos ames soeurs. De meme que l’année précédente, en première ligne, 2015 amène un autre champ de reve à la surface afin de vous aider à trouver le partenaire idéal, une maison extraordinaire, ou une école pour vos enfants.

Bien sur, n’oublions pas que le total du nombre de 2015, qui est 8, représente des questions de pouvoir, d’argent, de santé, d’absence totale de peur. Vous pouvez poursuivre le yoga ou vous mettre à l’aérobic puisque le chiffre 8 va vous supporter votre force vitale.

Disparition de toutes les peurs

La méditation efficace à pratiquer est Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times. Cette méditation vous aidera à en terminer avec les concepts personnels de limitation temporelle de meme qu’à nettoyer tout karma persistant depuis l’an dernier  De repartir du bon pied, et vous installer sur le véritable chemin de votre destinée.

Puisque la vie est une experience d’apprentissage et d’élévation, nous sentons que nous allons dépassé certaines vieilles peurs à certains moments. Ce chiffre apporte l’expension et de nouvelles opportunités, de meme qu’il est d’usage de le nommer le chiffre auspice des rencontres entre les gens; Au cours de l’année 2015, il y a des gens qu’il sera important pour vous de rencontrer et d’apprendre à connaitre. Qu’il s’agisse du travail, de l’amitié, ou de votre nouveau voisin de palier, ils apporteront du soleil dans votre vie. Bien sur, nous avons tous besoin de notre filtre meditative afin de déterminer le véritable ami du faux. Souvenez vous, on ne rejoue pas l’année dernière.

Le chiffre 8 représente le rythme. Bhajan dit que tout ce qui est rythmique est heureux. Attrapez la vague de votre propre pulsation rythmique, synchronisez votre respiration et équilibrez votre chimie cérébrale, c’est le véritable chemin vers le succès et la chance cette année. Cette conscience supérieure fait disparaitre toutes les peurs, et nous mène naturellement sur le chemin d’une expérience de l’énergie sensorielle et électrique qui a quelque chose de magique, la fusion de notre vision collective qui attend que l’on monte dans les octaves.

“The motivated self in you is nothing but your thought.When thought is added to the sphere of creativity, it becomes experience. Once it is experienced,it becomes reality.” Le soi motivé en vous n’est autre chose que votre pensée. Lorsque votre pensée intègre la sphère de votre créativité, elle deviens expérience. Une fois expérimentée, elle devient réalité.
–Yogi Bhajan, 9-26-77

Une très bonne et heureuse nouvelle année à vous tous. Et merci de me suivre, au fil de mes pensées…….

WP_20140729_006 My intention in talking on astrology could be misunderstood. It is not as if I intend to talk on the same subjects that are discussed by an ordinary astrologer. To such an astrologer you can pay a coin and be told your fortune. Perhaps you think that I am going to talk about him or be in support of him.

In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers only bluff.

Only one percent will not dogmatically assert that an event will definitely happen. They know that astrology is a vast subject — so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly.

Osho, Hidden Mysteries






In amongst all the intensity and change that is unfolding in and around you, a fresh breeze arises. Mars moves into Aquarius and you are gifted a taste of freedom. This is not the kind of freedom that comes from fighting against anything. It is a bliss that arises from affirming your nature.

“Bliss is totally independent, it is your own. It arises within your being, it is your self-nature; hence you are not dependent on anybody. And because it is your self-nature it is forever.”

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Talk #9

Osho, Hidden Mysteries


APRIL 21 – MAY 20

Venus moves into Capricorn and the challenge becomes one of figuring out how to produce flowers in the desert. The keys as always are love and awareness. Another component is patience. If you are waiting timelessly, having forgotten any desire for a result, then the flowers come.

“You only become aware when you reach a certain stage. And it is a surprise because all the time you were thinking nothing is happening… suddenly, the flowers have come. This is what I mean by patience.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Talk #4


MAY 21 – JUNE 21

As you become comfortable with turning and facing the truth of the present moment again and again, so something settles. Truth becomes a love affair. It ceases to be something to fear. The fear is conditioned. Enter this love affair with your whole heart. Grow roots and prosper in it.

“If there is a silent moment when no thought is crossing your being, your consciousness… then suddenly you are in the present. That is the moment, the real moment – the moment of reality, the moment of truth.”

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence,Vol.2, Talk #2


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Life has had you more fired-up than usual. Slowly, as you learn to move, express and release, the tension of a lifetime begins to leave your body. In its place comes a comfortable, grounded sensuality. Whenever the pressure builds, dance it away. Experiment with this till you get it.

“Dance your way to godliness!”

Osho, A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Talk #9



The Sun slowly makes its way through Sagittarius. As it does, so your quest shifts from love to truth. Any love that is worth its salt, has to pass the fire-test of truth. You may start looking for it somewhere on the outside. It won’t take long to realise it’s more likely to be found inside.

“Truth cannot be objectified. You cannot put it there and see it. You cannot hold it in your hand and see it. You cannot examine it from the outside — only from the inside,”

Osho, A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Talk #1



The way to find the Dharma, the Tao, the Logos, the law underlying life, that makes it all make sense, is to go on a journey of personal transformation. Identify the ways and means you use to keep yourself one step removed from relaxation and bliss. Revelation is on your doorstep.

“Dharma, religion, is not a social phenomenon, it is purely and simply the most personal transformation. It has nothing to do with others; it is concerned with one’s own self alone. It isn’t concerned with what a man does with others but what he does with himself.”

Osho, The Perfect Way, Talk #11



As Venus slowly leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, so your journey is towards groundedness. There are no high-flying escapades into inspiration. There are instead, pragmatic situations that challenge you to create beauty where there is a lack. Bring awareness to life.

“You should learn to appreciate beauty, you should learn to create beauty, you should behave in a beautiful way. Your life should be a long story of beauty, grace, love, peace. And whatever you are doing, there is no need to renounce the world – there is nowhere to go.”

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound – That Is the Truth, Talk #20




Saturn leaves Scorpio this month, at least for a while. Saturn has made life feel like someone is applying the brakes. If you’ve mastered this feeling, you’ll have realised that he has also opened the door to slowing down, relaxing and becoming aware. Let any residual heaviness go.

“What am I continuously teaching you? – slow down the speed; come to a point where there is no speed within you, nobody running. In that moment awareness happens – you become enlightened.”

Osho, Returning to the Source, Talk #7



The Sun is in your sign. It brings an added sense of being, of presence. The trick here is not to mistake presence for ego. Presence is a gift of nature. It is beautifully connected with nature. Ego is a feeling of separateness, fragmentation, which we compensate for with annoying behaviour.

“A presence cannot be desired. You have to wait for it, you cannot want it. It is a free gift; whenever you are ready it is given.”

Osho, Living Tao, Talk #2



The Sun is in your sign. It brings an added sense of being, of presence. The trick here is not to mistake presence for ego. Presence is a gift of nature. It is beautifully connected with nature. Ego is a feeling of separateness, fragmentation, which we compensate for with annoying behaviour.

“A presence cannot be desired. You have to wait for it, you cannot want it. It is a free gift; whenever you are ready it is given.”

Osho, Living Tao, Talk #2




As the Sun moves through Sagittarius, you are asked to wait and get fully centred in your truth. You won’t be given the existential go-ahead to move, until you have centred the cyclone in your heart. As awareness deepens, so the ripples will fade. From stillness will come real action.

“Once false identifications fall, you are unperturbed. Then you become the center of the cyclone, and storms can go on raging all around you, but deep inside you remain at the still, small center of your being, completely transcendental to whatsoever is happening.”

Osho, The Beloved, Vol. 2, Talk #13




Mars shifts into Aquarius. Mars brings with him a sense of adventure. Imagine yourself as a child standing in front of a big tree with accessible branches. The challenge is too much. You just have to climb. Be like this child. There’s lots of life force to play with when adrenaline meets joy.

“You will have to reach back to the moment when you were born, when fresh, young. That freshness will have to be achieved again. It is not ahead, but back that you will have to go – to become a child again.”

Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Talk #11




Slowly life is moving you through the ‘washing away of precious illusions’, into the doorway to bliss. Bliss is not a dream. It’s not a fantasy. It’s what comes when all extraneous thoughts and fantasies fall away. Life is gently expanding your horizons. To see this at work is to trust it.

“You can go on and on seeing a desert; it ends nowhere. All the horizons are available. Its vastness and its profound silence have their own song, unheard, unspoken. The same is true about the path of silence.”

Osho, Guida Spirituale, Talk #1

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It has been an extraordinary year, and November is a time of “soft hibernation.” On every level of our being we have been pushed, tested, and challenged by the prevailing winds of change, and now a deep decompression is required to regain our equilibrium.

The primary place where we have been losing precious energy is in our relationships.Whether it be marriage, business, friendship or otherwise, the number 11 of November will have us deeply reconsider our personal boundaries and expectations of others. The word “expectations” is often considered a bad word in the present pop-psychology of spirituality, however I would slightly differ on that opinion. It is fair to expect someone would keep their word when they promise you something, if you have always kept your word to them.

As number 11 represents harmony and divine alignment, we will now have time and space to sift through what we have learned so far this year, and work through any unresolved issues that may be lingering beneath the surface. The gift of this month is in going deep enough within yourself to recognize the root of the negative repeating patterns, and release the attachment to these patterns.

Mirroring a theatrical play where the drama has been acted out and the stage crew swiftly appears to move out the props and back-drop, we will be experiencing a similar “whoosh-that’s over!” effect. In 2011 there was a brilliantly clever song that hit a cultural nerve across the airwaves called, “Now You’re Just Somebody that I Used to Know.” What I like about this song is that as you are first listening to the “He Said” side of the story you’re probably thinking, “Oh, poor guy, he really got burned.” (At least that’s what I was thinking.) Then, when you listen to the “She Said” side of the song you might think, “Well, hmm, maybe not.” I actually do side with the fellow on this one though, he really seems more in touch to me. That’s my professional yogic opinion.

As we are wrestling with the remnants of these expired relationships, it can create an odd sort of emptiness in our heart. It is interesting to note that the Heart number for November is a 7, which is the lonely number in numerology. As we are releasing so much it may be difficult at times to feel connected to others, and thoughts like, “Where is the love?” and, “Where are all the good people?” will be commonplace. The antidote to this is, of course, in group energy– involving yourself with others of like mind and interests.

Keeping the delicate balance of alone time and having things to look forward to in the rhythm of your week is essential now. Because this month can feel particularly cavernous in its emotional depth and intensity, be aware of warning signals that you might hear from those close to you. There will be a lot of over-indulgence in the area of alcohol and substances, so try to pull someone back from the edge of the cliff if you see them wavering in the wind. Sometimes celebrity deaths are archetypal of the social consciousness, and I was particularly disturbed when Whitney Houston passed. Didn’t she have one person in her life that could say, “Hey girlfriend, slow down.”? Be that person for someone now.

We must have an antidote to the emotional undertow, and the mantra “Sat Siri Siri Akal” will be effective at this time. Yogi Bhajan said it has the power to alleviate despair. We need to make a real effort to pull ourselves up now, as number 11 in the positive polarity is devotion and divine alignment, but when it goes negative it represents chaos and addictive behavior. It will be a brisk business at the pubs this holiday season, so please be extra careful when driving your car.  Some people will just “zone out,” and lose their sense of judgement and peripheral vision. The Water Element is challenged this month, so this would be especially true during rain or snow.

As we are all navigating this Aquarian Age transition it is important to note that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually the light within. I am of the Sikh faith, however I would be quite thrilled if Jesus Christ came back to the earth plane to shine a light of saving grace on us all. I would drop everything to show up and hear what he had to say. However, I personally think the Christ coming to the Earth again is more likely to happen as a new level of consciousness experienced by humanity. Eleven is the Christ consciousness, the Buddha dharma, the pure light of Infinity expressed in perfect grace and love to all. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“May Almighty God bring us peace of mind, peace on the Earth, and prosperity to all. Let the Unknown take away all the pain and establish the kingdom of pleasure and happiness. May prosperity, tranquility, and grace prevail.” 12-2-1989

Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. The numbers of your birth date hold the answers to your life’s creative magic and inspired potential. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by revealing the parallel and diagonal lines of energy between you and another, a new dimension of understanding is achieved. Nam Hari also offers an advanced study course in the science of Numerology. Contact: Nam Hari: 310-202-8937 or  575-305-0017  or namhari17@gmail.com





Pour les anglophiles, bonne lecture dans le texte http://www.3ho.org/numerology-forecast-october-2014-misfortune-good-fortune

Pour les autres, les idées force de cette prévision parce qu’en ces temps de sombres augures il est bon de croire en soi.


Il nous faut agir conformément à notre instinct spirituel et être réactifs aux opportunités qui se présentent.

Nous avons attendu longtemps mais l’humeur et le moment seront réunis pour nourrir nos plus grands rêves et nos plus grandes ambitions ce mois ci. Avant Octobre 2014 la mentalité était plutôt à l’évasion, du genre je dois sortir d’ici, je dois changer quelque chose. Aujourd’hui nous ne pouvons plus ignorer l’appel à la libération.

Nous devons désormais être responsable pour nous même et être efficace et puissant. Il convient désormais de se concentrer sur l’action la plus efficace et la plus puissante puisque les vents du changement sont en notre faveur.

Parce que nous sommes nombreux à avoir besoin de l’approbation de figures d’autorité il sera peut être difficile de se prendre en charge.

Cette nouvelle posture de l’excellence requiert de l’energie et un système nerveux solide.

Le nombre de base de ce mois d’octobre 2014 est celui de la chance qui vous permettra de lâcher prise avec vos peurs passées et d’amasser votre chance sur le chemin.

Octobre est un très bon mois pour commencer un nouveau business, se marier, voyager ou developer votre vie. Vous ne resterez pas assis sur le bord du chemin, vous allez participer au jeu.

Laisse derrière toi les moments difficile et la mauvaise fortune au profit d’un bien plus grand que tu gagneras en étant pleinement vivant et présent à chaque instant.

Le chiffre 10 est aussi celui de l’indépendance et tandis qu’il convient de bien s’entendre avec les autres, l’énergie du mois nous demande d’être en charge de soi même, quitte à être seul.

Quoiqu’il en soit, nous ne sommes jamais seuls et accompagnés au contraire de notre esprit originaire, cette part de nous que nous avons oublié et perdu, ce lieu magique où notre sens du possible est libre.

Il y a un lieu en toi qui veut être en vie à nouveau, un esprit originaire qui sait que tes plus grands rêves et tes plus grandes passions sont possibles. Il te suffit de te souvenir que c’est toi qui es aux commandes maintenant.